The Best of the Great Outdoors

If you live in Minnesota or Wisconsin, there’s a good chance that you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors in the spring, summer, fall and maybe even winter. Our remodeling professionals at Legacy can add a spacious new deck or porch to your home so you can relax and enjoy the fresh Midwest air even more.

Your lifestyle may call for an outdoor living area where you can enjoy open air dining, grilling and entertaining — a place to spend a beautiful summer evening or a lazy weekend afternoon in the warm sun with friends or family. If so, a spacious deck that’s carefully designed and built by Legacy professionals might be the ideal remodeling solution.

Or maybe you would prefer to “bring the outdoors in.” In that case, you might enjoy the advantages of a high-quality, four-season porch full of windows that allow you to enjoy your natural surroundings to their fullest, even on days when the weather outside isn’t so perfect. A four-season porch is an ideal way to add living space and enjoy the Minnesota seasons.


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