Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

We’re Prepared for the Unexpected

As a Minnesota resident, you are always vulnerable to summer storms and the damages they can cause. Even though the storm season is not as severe as other parts of the country, storms that hit our area can destroy roofs, siding and windows. If your house is damaged in a severe storm, you will want to find a remodeling contractor with storm damage expertise. Legacy Design-Build teams have years of experience working on home exteriors that have been damaged by severe storms and have successfully managed hundreds of insurance claims. Knowing what to look for based on extensive experience in storm damage evaluation is key in assessing the most efficient and cost-effective approach to repairs. Another key element to successfully executing a storm damage repair project is communication with our your insurance company. In many cases a more favorable outcome might be realized in an insurance claim negotiation with the expertise of a qualified remodeling contractor offering professional recommendations.

Legacy Design-Build experts are experienced in communicating your needs to your insurance company representative's to ensure your project is handled properly and to your satisfaction.