Unique Bathroom Features

What room do you go to in your house to escape it all and have some time to yourself? The bathroom probably wasn’t the first place that came to find for the large majority of people. But if you stop and think about it, the bathroom is always quiet and usually empty. So why not make it your personal sanctuary that you can count on for some peace and relaxation. Here are some features that will take your bathroom to the next level of relaxation.


Steam Showers

Create your own spa-like getaway in your bathroom by installing a steam shower. This could be the ultimate stress reliever after a long day. Simply push a button and seconds later you’ll be surrounded by a cloud of scented steam. For twenty minutes you won’t be able to stop yourself from going anywhere but to your happy place!

Heated Floors

A simple pleasure that instantly soothes the entire body is the feeling you get from walking barefoot on a heated surface. It doesn’t matter what season it is, none of us can deny the fact that we like a little warmth under our toes at all points of the year. So ditch the slippers and extra thick bathroom rugs and do yourself a favor by installing some heated floors.


Jacuzzi Tubs

Light a few candles, turn on your favorite music and take a dip in a hot bubble bath. Oh, and we forgot to mention that you should also turn on the jets so they can give your back and shoulders a massage. Do we really need to say more? This is one bathroom feature that you won’t regret splurging on!


Specialty Lighting

Put the finishing touches on your home spa and treat yourself to some chromotherapy by installing colored lights. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, chromotherapy is using light in the form of color to the balance “energy” in a person’s body where it might be lacking. (Let’s hope it’s generous with the energy on those early Monday mornings!)

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The best part is that Legacy is ready and waiting to help you out with any of your bathroom renovation needs. Your personal sanctuary is just a phone call away!

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