Spring Preparations


Spring is here! Are you ready??? As the snow slowly melts away it is important to finish these tasks to prepare your home for warmer weather.

1. Remove holiday lights and decorations.

2. Sweep sidewalks and driveways of salt & sand.

3. Open exterior sill cocks (water faucets).

4. Remove storm windows & install screens.

5. Replace old or cracking caulk and replace weather stripping.

6. Inspect the roof for broken or missing shingles, or tiles, and clean out gutters and downspouts at the same time.

7. Check your AC before the summer to ensure it is in good working order and call a service person if necessary.

8. Finish interior Spring Cleaning.

9. Plan your garden and replace any gardening tools.

10. Spring is a great time of year to plan or start a new home addition or outdoor living area. Schedule an appointment with a design professional or request an estimate if necessary.


This might sound like work but for some home owners this is an exciting time. So plug in your head phones or whistle while you work and prepare for the new season!


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The History of a Legacy


Legacy – “Something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.” Rusty Lear is the owner’s of Legacy Design-Build based in Becker MN. A family owned and operated custom building, design & remodeling firm that is part of Rusty’s genetic heritage. It all dates back 3 generations when Rusty’s grandfather and father founded an excavation company in the late 1950’s. What started out as a simple excavation company turned into a  property development firm that developed real estate and conducted excavation work in Washington State.


Rusty grew up on a farm, his father was a gifted mechanist and passed his “Do it yourself” abilities and attitude down to his son. Rusty started young tagging along on excavation projects and construction jobs  and learned from his father how to maintain the equipment. Rusty’s father and grandfather were “old school.” They believed how hard work was its own reward. They were entrepreneurs and believed that thru honesty, quality and service nothing was impossible.


When Rusty finished school he felt the need to “do his own thing.” He worked in sales management for several companies a very well known Fortune 500 company and excelled in his positions, but inevitably, his heritage kept calling him. In 2004 Rusty took a position in sales management for one of the top independent residential builders in Minnesota that was starting a remodeling division. He was quickly promoted to General Manager of the company. Life was good, Rusty and his team were sailing along.


Then Rusty’s heritage tapped him on the shoulder again. His father had always encouraged him to work for himself, to start a company and build it into something that was worthy of his heritage, his legacy.


In 2007 Rusty founded Legacy Remodeling & Exteriors. The company is truly a culmination of three generations of building experience and includes the input and support from Rusty and his children as well (generation #4). In one of the worst times in recent history to start a construction company Legacy has continued to grow and prosper. In January of 2013 Legacy transformed into Legacy Design-Build which is now rated one of the top within the industry. The company provides a level of quality workmanship &  service that is second to none. The custom home designs, interior and exterior remodeling services are competitively priced and the team of Legacy Design-Build professionals are committed to deliver top value for the dollar spent. Our sales and project management staff is second to none in their experience and knowledge.


No matter the what the scope or size of the project, whether it be building a new custom home, replacing a roof after a hail storm, adding a four-season porch or an entire home remodel, put your trust in Legacy Design – Build. The heritage of the company demands excellence!


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Benefits of Attending Design Expos


There are many benefits of attending Design Expos. The first benefit is that you get to meet the experts in person. This gives you a chance to decide which expert is right for your remodeling and design project. Design Expos also give you a chance to see samples of an experts work. This not only shows their craftsmanship, but it also helps you find which expert matches your style. The biggest benefit of attending a Design Expo is you get to directly communicate with an expert. When communicating with an expert, it is good to ask them questions about their design process and to ask anything that comes to mind with the project you are planning. Finally, going to Design Expos gives you a chance to get design ideas and possibly have the design concept mapped out with a expert.


Come visit us at the following Design Expos:

April 19 – 21                Minneapolis Home Show                                  Minneapolis Convention Ctr.

Oct. 19 – 20                 Home Improvement  & Design Expo               Minneapolis Convention Ctr. 

Nov. 2                           Home Improvement & Design Expo                Maple Grove Community Center

Nov. 9                           Home Improvement & Design Expo                Blaine Sports Center

Nov.15 – 17                 Midwest Home Show                                         Minneapolis Convention Ctr.


Minnepolis Convention Center

Maple Grove Community Center

Home Improvement & Design Expo

Minneapolis Home Show 

Midwest Home Show 

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Practical Tips to Keep Your Remodeling Costs Down


Matching your dream remodel with your actual budget is sometimes a challenge.  There are countless possibilities, but bringing them to fruition is another matter.  The best idea is to work closely with your designer / remodeling company so that you can choose where to spend your budget and where you can save.  This working relationship at times is the difference between ending up with a room you love, or one that leaves you less than satisfied.

Call us today and experience how Legacy Design-Build can help you end up with a room you love.

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Designs for a Relaxing Bathroom


Increasingly homeowners are seeing their bathrooms as a retreat from the stresses of everyday life and are outfitting them to be luxurious and spa-like.  The idea that you can relax in your master bathroom is very appealing to most of us.  However, what creates a relaxing ambiance varies from person to person.  While one homeowner might like an uncluttered décor, another might prefer something ornate and old-fashioned.  Many, but not all, relaxing bathrooms are high-end with expensive materials and sophisticated features.

Contact Legacy Design-Build today to schedule a consultation for your bathroom remodel.

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Welcome to the New Blog of Legacy


We are a Remodeling and Exteriors company with the culmination of three generations of building experience. Our team is comprised of hand-selected members of some of the Twin Cities’ finest building and remodeling firms.

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