Getting Ready to Remodel

A key to having a successful remodel is pre-planning.  Before you begin your remodel, you need to know why you are remodeling and what you are looking for as an end result. Whether it’s your whole house or just a room, here are four great tips to help you get through it without any hassles.

 1. Get it done right: this is one of the most important tips. There is nothing worse than starting a project and realizing you are in over your head. Especially after you have done a great deal of damage or have wasted expensive materials. Hiring the right professional guarantees the job is done right the first time.

 2. Blend in with your neighbors: Your home should reflect the overall look of your neighborhood. If you over improve the appearance of your home your resale value will decrease. After all, you wouldn’t want to pay full price for a mansion located in a low-end neighborhood, would you? On the flipside, you hurt your home’s resale value if you perform inferior improvements in an upscale neighborhood.

3. Start with your existing space: You can easily add space to your home by converting storage areas into functional spaces. Your basement and attic are great examples of this and your checkbook will thank you at the end of the remodel.

4. Stick to the classics: it’s easy to get carried away with the latest trends. However, it’s better to pick materials and finishes you will like for years to come. It will help your resale value and limit the number of times you need to remodel. Brass bathroom fixtures are a great example of products that will delight you for years to come.


Planning a remodel can be a difficult task but can be made easier by following the above tips. For more tips on getting the most out of your remodel contact Legacy Design Build or visit us at one of our upcoming trade shows.


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