Get the best out of your basement

Basement remodeling is an essential project that will add space to your home! Your basement could be much more than a big storage room where your odds and ends go. Many families don’t utilize the basement space for fear it will be an out of budget project and extremely time consuming. But with our years experience, can help you transform your basement into a multipurpose living area for your whole family to enjoy for years to come. We work with you every step of the way to make sure the project is in your budget and is tailored to your lifestyle.  Some fun ideas for basement additions are a personal fitness center, wine bar, and entertainment area.


Wine Bar

A wine bar is perfect for social gatherings or a cozy night in. It’s convenient and you can keep your favorites around for any occasion. You can also keep your wine at the perfect temperature- no waiting around for the perfect chill! People sometimes have a walk-in wine bar or a wine cellar in the basement to keep it out of the way and out of the children’s reach. Some make it more of a statement and have bar stools with lights. This is a fun way to implement your own unique style into the design of your wine bar. This is more practical and would be a more budget friendly option for those who don’t want to go all out.



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Fitness Center

For those who don’t like to drive to the gym, a fitness center may be the perfect option. Work out on your own time without worrying about travel time. There are many other reasons to invest in a home gym: it’s private, cost effective, and benefits your health immensely.  Depending upon the amount of gym equipment you own, an at home gym in the basement can be big or small.



Entertainment Area

This is one of the more practical additions and can have different price ranges. Some people choose to add an at home theatre which is more of a luxurious option. Others just choose to have a cozy area with a fireplace and a TV. Both are sufficient options, it just depends on your lifestyle and tastes. Games are in the entertainment category and are fun for the kids and guests. Add some variety to your basement by adding air hockey or a pool table.





Designed by Legacy Design-Build




Designed by Legacy Design-Build


All of these additions will add value to your home if you ever choose to put it on the market. If you meet with us, we promise we will find the perfect design and idea for your personality and lifestyle. Make your dreary basement a thing of the past and remodel your basement!

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