After Your Renovation, It’s Time To Decorate

You’re remodel is complete, now it’s time to really get the creative juices flowing! The next part of the renovation process is decorating. Decorating is a fun step because it allows the chance to take some of the homeowner’s personality and flair and embody it in their home. This is what makes each and every home special. Find décor that best suits the vibe you want to create; from simple to sophisticated, here are some tips for every personal style


  1. Think Darker:  The old myth is wrong; painting a room a darker shade doesn’t actually make it look smaller. It does just the opposite, dark walls enhance a room and make it seem even bigger.


  1. Lighting: When it comes to lamps, feel free to have one of every size in a single room. Some smaller lamps may be more for decorative purposes while a tall floor lamp provides ample lighting for reading or other activities.


  1. Trendy Tables: A popular trend today is having an ottoman instead of the traditional coffee table. With a tray on top, it still functions as a hard surface to set drinks or food on, but after it is done serving that purpose, remove the tray and it becomes a comfortable leg rest.

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  1. Mix it Up: Add a playful element at the dinner table by not having perfectly matching dining room chairs. This helps avoid having the stereotypical dinner table setting and as an added bonus, it could possibly help stimulate some interesting table talk.


  1. Create Space: Another tip for making a living room look spacious that is even easier than repainting is to move the furniture away from the walls. Give your furniture some breathing room and it will reward you in return.


  1. Fabric Choices: Get the most life out of your dollar by buying leather furniture. Leather and vinyl are the two most durable types of fabric which means you won’t have to worry about replacing furniture or reupholstering dining chairs as often in comparison to using other fabrics.


  1. Accents: From pillows to a great wall hanging, no matter what room in the house you’re decorating, having an accent piece or two will help bring extra life to an area. Play around with fun colors and patterns and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

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