Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

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Being without your kitchen for any length of time is hectic, scary and possibly expensive.  Make your kitchen remodel a little less stressful with these expert tips:

Create a New Kitchen: Set up a temporary kitchen in a place like your garage, basement or utility room (ideally someplace with a sink). Add the cabinets you are getting rid of to your temporary kitchen. If the cabinets don’t have a countertop anymore, lay plywood on top so you’ll have a work surface and a place for small appliances.

Get Organized: Put all of the items you only occasionally use in storage. Take all of the items you use on a daily basis and put them in clearly labeled plastic storage containers.

Cook Ahead of Time: Make big meals and freeze them. During the remodel, defrost portions and reheat them in the microwave or break out the crock pot. Using a crock pot will reduce the number of pots and pans you use. You can make great dishes for the crock pot ahead of time and freeze them. Here a couple examples.

Borrow a Kitchen: Cook a meal for your neighbor (and yourself) in exchange for use of his or her kitchen. He or she will likely be delighted to have you cook a meal for them.

Cook Outdoors –  Depending on the time of year, cook on a grill or a camping stove. If you don’t have a camping stove they are an inexpensive second hand purchase.

Eat simply – Breakfasts don’t have to include bacon and eggs every morning. Try fresh fruit and muffins instead. When it comes to lunches and snacks, buy things that can be stored without refrigeration or don’t need to be reheated or cooked.

Budget for meals out – Most likely, you will be eating in restaurants more often. Make sure you account for these extra expenses either in your remodeling budget or in your monthly entertainment budget.

Get-Away- Plan a weekend away from everything during the middle of your project. . Go to a hotel or motel for a couple of nights and relax…do anything but remodel! This mini-vacation may be the best gift you can give yourself during the remodel.

For more information on remodeling your home, click HERE and may your remodel be as stress free as possible.

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