Four Popular Fireplace Styles

You have decided your home needs a fireplace; it’s now time to design it! No matter the style of your home you can find a fireplace that will compliment it.  Here are four great choices:


1. Stone: For an earthy, rustic décor, stone is a perfect choice.  With many different types of stone, you are able to find the best one for your style and the type of focal point you want.  Different types of stone can either create an antique or modern look.

Stone Fireplace


2. Brick: To create a timeless and vintage look to your fireplace, brick is a great option.  To make it more modern, add wood around the brick.

Brick Fireplace

3. Tile:  Tile around the fireplace will add a pop of color and texture.  You can choose whether you want a subtle or an attention-grabbing color.  The brighter the color the stronger the focal point.

 Tile Fireplace

4. Copper: For a really strong focal point, a copper fireplace is the way to go.  Copper is so unique it is an immediate attention grabber.  Also, copper is earthy so it fits well with most styles and décor.

Copper Fireplace

No matter what style your home has, a fireplace can match it.  For more additions to your home check out our website.  We would love to help you create your dream home.

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